Through this site we can discuss the different books and stories that we are reading and share our writing and stories.

You can visit our different pages for It’s Monday, What Are You Reading, Mrs. Brandon’s Reading, Book Recommendations, Student’s Write, Questions, or just Meet the Teacher.

Directions for using this site:  Click on the most recent post to access thoughts and topics.   Then you can respond in the “Leave a Reply” section at the bottom.  Remember that you must include your first name and your last name initial.  Do not write out your whole last name.  All posts are meant to be a discussion and sharing time and your comments and ideas needs to be appropriate.  Any comments that are not, will not be posted.  Comments will not post right away, as they must be approved by me before they will be shown on the site.


I look forward to furthering our adventures and discussions in both reading and writing!

Mrs. Brandon


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